Sisterly Love

See Girls! Julie See, Jan See (MOM), Me, Kaylynn See, Theresa See.

Hammond Girls. Julia Hammond, Kitty Hammond, Stephanie Perez, Michelle Hammond, and Donette Hammond (Mother in Law).

I don't really have "sisters" for some reason I was born without them.... I say that like they are toes, or tounsil's! I've been lucky enough to have sister in laws instead. I dearly love all my sister in law's. I tend to be socially retarded with girls on occasion, but I want you all to know I love you guys! You inspire me to keep on my toes and work harder each and every single day to become a better Mom, Sister, Aunt, and Friend. Thank you, I need it. Just wanted to take this time in my day to tell you how much each of you mean to me. Love you gals!


sewbabyboutique said...
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Stef said...

i didn't know that you have all brothers. I have all brothers as well. Maybe that's why I don't think you are socialy retarded, or maybe we both are. HAHA

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