Sunday morning I get a text from my SIL Kaylynn saying "What are you having for breakfast?" I thought it was kind of random but replied with "Omlettes, You?". She was driving through town on her way back to washington! So she decided to come have a little visit/pit stop. I'm glad you did! We love seeing you. I snapped a few pics too!

This picture is funny I can just see her saying "Someday I'll have a ring and a man holding this in front of my face"

Kaylynn, Emily, and Owen.
Kids crack me up, I think they though this was a nifty built in bench.
OWEN! He's almost walking now, up to 4 steps.
I was making muddie buddies, emily wanted some peanut butter. I'm not sure where the measuring spoon came in, but she was using it as a spoon. Here she is sharing so generously :)
Thanks again for stopping by! I hope you made your drive home without being too tired!

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