Ohhhhh what a beautiful thing. I'm in a little bit of it right now. We are moving away, and not just for the summer like last time, in 5 days. THAT'S INSANE! We have been packing and packing lately.... we have so much crap. Where does it all come from? Anyways. I'll miss you Boise. You've treated us well. Here's a pic. I don't like plain post's with no pics so here you go

Cody is in LOVE with peeing on me! All I did was had him on my lap while running bath water.... Thanks again son. Don't mind his butt crack.

This is one Kevin took, he's been on the computer doing homework at night, so I cruise blogs and facebook on my IPOD. It's awesome, get one if you can.

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Darin and Sarah Frank said...

Your pants are just barely hanging on your hips you skinny minny. What is it about boys when you take their diapers off its like they hold their pee because they know your going to take their diaper off and wham they get ya, or rather my carpet in my room. He has peed everywhere in their.

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