My Day

Here's how it went down. I woke up to presents! LUCKY ME!
Cody picked these out for me! I've been really wanting a new pair, but these hook to my IPod and track distance, pace, and if I'm slacking.... the speed up my music to help me hurry up. SAweet!

Kevin picked this one out for me, I wore it to church.

Getting ready for church I found Cody a little something like this....................

SON! Learn to poo in your diaper! That's what it's there for!

We went out to Mom and Dad in law's. Here is what we played with! I love this thing, it's just my size!

Stephanie had her twins almost 2 weeks ago, I had one in my arms almost constantly. So little and sooo sweet.

Here's how our day ended. Snuggling with Cody in his crib. I told him that if he gets to snuggle in our bed in the morning, occasionally I get night time snuggles.

Happy Mother's Day!


See That Crazy Family said...

How sweet! You'll never forget your first Mother's Day!

Brittany said...

Those are some sweet shoes! Poor Cody, his diaper should just cover his whole body to avoid strange accidents. :) I bet you'll always remember this one!

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