I know I know

Your tired of hearing about my hair. Good. You should be. So here's some pics of US. I can't just post pics of Cody, that would get old, so here's what we've been up to....

Cody learned how to roll both ways as I have previously posted. But tonight I let him "air out" and roll nude! He made it alllllll over and then found his bed skirt. ATTACK! OM NOM NOM!
I was feeding Cody some Rice cereal and decided to have a friendly game of PEEK A BOO! When I bent down to hide, I saw his adorable little feet like this. AWWWW.I told Kevin, before we move, we should try to eat only at the local places IF we go out to eat. Tonight we went to flying pie. Yummmmm. We decided to sit all together .... soon we will have to go on dates without the Code, he's really getting squirmy.

And last but NOT least. This guy! He had his last day of school! WOO to the HOO! Cody and I got him a balloon and a candy paragragh. He deserves more, but this is what he got. We love you!

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Liz and Grant said...

You did look hot with your brown hair, but you're just not Suzie without the blonde ( which is also VERY HOT!) Don't you just love getting to take your hubby's picture just like he's a little kid again? Congrats on being done, enjoy!

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