2 of a kind

Yes yes, Stephanie my SIL blessed her twin girls this weekend. Riley and Kenzington...Riley was on my list of baby names but... whatever. Here are a few pics from that event.

"The Boys" aka Nephews had gotten in a water fight with Kevin and thought that if they kept a constant hose of water on the car.. we wouldn't leave. They were right.
This is Gracie. She is 10 1/2 month's old. She enjoys newspaper crinkling, crackers, stealing Cody's binky, and generally poking him right in the eye. This was their first date.
Uncle Cody's head stone. We thought we'd visit while we were in town.
The 3 boys. I freaking love Cody's expression in this picture.
Trying to get a pic of the 3 of us.... hello kitty!
Ashlynn is almost 2, she also enjoys Cody's company, including binky stuffing, feeding him, and even helping out with lotion time. I could have her around more often.
Our first sitting in the sink white trash style bath. No, those aren't rubber bands on his upper thighs.... just rolls.
The Stars of the show! David, Riley ( I think... come on they are identical twins!) Amanda, Kenzington, and Stephanie.
One BIG and ever growing Family.

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