Yes, more pictures

I don't care if you are tired of seeing pictures, I keep the reading to a low, and lots of pictures on here to keep your attention, like a good childs book! We have taken MANY road trips in our day, here is the most recent.

I was in the backseat trying to annoy Kevin, it was almost working.

I like to sit in the back with Cody. Just so he's not so lonely. He has to always have his foot on my arm. NO JOKE. I will put it high low, or as far away as possible and he will manage to get it rested on my arm.

"what is that face?" I was wondering the same thing...

EWWWW these awful things kept sneaking up on me. "Don't look at them" you say? It's like a train wreck, I can't look away. Meanwhile my skin crawls..

These clouds were so low, I swear I could have touched them.

"Hello you, here is an attractive pic of me.... just for you"

This is where your feet belong on a road trip, period.

I love Kevin's face in this one.

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