dear next door neighbor

i think a few apologies are needed.

First, i'm sorry you enjoy drinking and partying so much
i am also sorry you smoke, seeing as how this is a smoke free apartment complex
i am sorry the night before your car alarm had to go off at 3 in the morning
i am sorry last night i had to go over their to ask you to turn your cracker gangsta music down
i am sorry that you had to reply with "what's that?" over your loud music, so i had to repeat myself
i am not sorry that you did turn it down some, enough for me to fall asleep
i am sorry that at 1 am my son woke up screaming for no reason what so ever for over 1 hour
i am sorry that your music was still blasting, and your porch talk (10 feet from our window) was getting old, and that if we didn't have 3 different fans running, i probably could have sang along
i am sorry that i proceeded to bang my fist as hard as i could on the wall we share, 5 times i believe...... but then i heard a car leave, and nothing but quiet after that
i am sorry that you are an inconsiderate ass, and a teenage punk
i am sorry to have to use this kind of language, i don't like to, but you bring it out of me
i am sorry that after i hit the wall, i was up for another hour due to the adrenaline rush
i am sorry i had to say at least 3 prayers to keep calm
i am sorry that had a rough night with you, and hope this doesn't happen again.

I AM SORRY.... but really what I mean is you should be a lot more considerate knowing you have neighbors, never play that gangsta rap again, and please quit smoking, i prefer for my baby's lungs to stay as healthy as possible.


Liz and Grant said...

Oh I love apartment life! Yes that is sarcasm, we had a neighbor once who decided to start working out on her treadmill at 7 am every morning, ( this was back when both of us didn't get finished with work until 1am) I was patient and didn't say anything for a week, but I finally couldn't take it anymore and went up to ask if she could workout just a bit later (treadmills on the floor above you sosund like a herd of elephants if you were wondering), and she gave me the b**chiest look i've ever recieved in my life, and then continued to give us the stink-eye everytime we bumped into her from then on. I still get mad just thinking about it. We never complained that their kids were loud, we never complained that she played "I enjoy being a girl" on the piano 10 times a day for three months straight. Your people sound much worse than our annoying neighbors, but just think, someday when we get houses, we'll appreciate them that much more. GOOD LUCK!!!

Melissa said...

I am so sorry you are still having problems with them. You guys can't be the only ones annoyed with them.

Shawn AND Chelsey said...

Loving the new apartment, huh?

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