The Adventures of Today

Cody is very entertaining. He's getting more goofy with each day. After he fell asleep for nap time I went in to check on him, and I found him like this. His mattress is slightly tilted because he's got a stuffy nose, so he can't breathe very well flat on his back.

Also, he's been all about his toys lately..... here comes clutter and mess for many years.... but at least he's happy.

He's been eating more finger foods lately :) We tried the little veggie puffs but he can't see them on our counter tops! He watches me set them down and then just stares looking for them. Anywho I thought he was eating them all tell I looked down..

And saw this.

Good job son.

1 comment:

Mama Corleone said...

This looks exactly like my kitchen floor after my baby has been "eating." These boys...they are so ridiculous, but so cute. Especially yours!

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