Is it just me

Or is this guy "SOOOOOO HAWT want to touch the heiny Owwwww!" at first glance
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But then you watch this movie and never want to see him again!
Hes Just Not That Into You Pictures, Images and Photos
I know I shouldn't be like that, he was ACTING for crying out loud. Still.... it was sad.


Lauren said...

Ok, you have the most darling baby I have ever seen! I love his cute hair! I want to hug his face :)

The Shavers said...

I totally agree with you, I hated him after I saw that movie, and then I watched him in Yes man and I liked him again. I guess he is good at his "job" so to speak!

Ader Family said...

Oh - he is HOTT!!
and he did suck in that movie....however he's gotta make up for it in another one. Perhaps I should see "Yes Man" like The Shavers suggested... either way. WOW!

Liz and Grant said...

Ya, watched it with grant and was going crazy watching him and slutty scarlet Jo. Grant was totally making fun of me for getting so upset over a movie.

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