You heard me

I bought a pair of knee high "hooker boots" a little over a year ago. They were $20, but over time they must have stretched out. I noticed to tops were ultra baggy which = Ultra not cute.
I also noticed that the actual shoe part seemed to big too, what the crap?
I found a new pair the other day for $8 bucks. $8! So here are my old ones compared to the new.



Don't even lie, you missed me.

Cody is starting to look like that player from the Denver Nuggets. Anyone?
Recently he has discovered how much he loves his own reflection.

and the blinds....


Cory and Kaylynn, Emily, Owen said...

Where did you get boots for $8?!! P.S. and the glass containers? Your comforter looks super nice too!

Brynne said...

The bird man?? Totally!

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