Birthday Presents

I honestly miss being 10 years old and getting as many gifts as you can stack. I won't lie. I'm wordly that way. Shame....tisk tisk. Anyways but I got some SWEET gifts this year. Here are a few of my favorites.

My Mom made me this apron! Isn't it the cutest thing you have ever seen? Ever! It's only got one button in the back, so I can wear it now, or 9 months pregnant. I love it. The pocket is just adorable.
My friend KRISTI made me this purse!!!! I couldn't believe her mad sewing skills!

Kevin bought me a new set of scriptures. He wanted to get me the kind with the little flap but they were SO expensive! I like these ones, but now I have to break in a new quad. My old ones were broken in just how I liked them.
Kyle and Theresa bought me this book! I looked through it for a solid hour. It's got so many cute cup cake ideas, thank you!
Kevin also got me tickets to see Sir JOSH TURNER! If you didn't know he was my favorite.... you must not be listening. Just kidding, but I am soooo excited! We have seen his show before and it rocked my world.
Josh Turner Pictures, Images and Photos
It sucks getting older, maybe that's why we get gifts. Thank you everyone!


Brown Family said...

wow! you look like your mom!

Kelsee said...

That cupcake book is AWESOME! We made the lion ones for Zoe's jungle birthday party! Everyone loved them! Oh and Happy Late Birthday! -Kelsee

Lars said...

I love that cupcake book! My sister in law and I made my niece swampy for her birthday a few weeks ago. I want to do the shark attack one for work.

Tyler, Alycia and Ella said...

How fun! You got some great gifts! I LOVE the purse!!! Do you think your friend would give me the instructions!?! I just got a new sewing maching. hehe

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