Sweet and Sour

No, not chicken, although that does sound good... anyways.
Sweet, I got a new purse for my birthday! I kinda, sorta, exchanged it from another gift I got, but I LOVE IT. I've never had one that could hold so much in such orderly fashion.

Sour, the smoke alarm in Cody's bed room starting beeping for no reason at 6:45 this morning, I'm glad we didn't decide to stay up late last night! Kevin pulled it off til we can figure out how to get it to stop.
Sweet, My Mom gave us Jersey Sheet! I love them, Kevin, eh not so much... He's says "It's like sleeping on a big towel" or because it catches his dry heel skin "Its like sleeping on a giant ped egg" BAHAHA I laughed.
Sour, the other morning Cody had been in the same diaper at least 12+ hours. I decided to let him air out a little...well too long apparently, because this is the little surprise I got when I picked him up.
Sweet, Kevin has yet to find my chocolate stash...It needs refilled.
The Sweetest Thing, while I was folding laundry on our bed that feels like a giant ped egg the other night I heard Kevin's phone ringing, but I didn't hear him get up to go check it....that's weird...I went out in the living room and found him like this......


Darin and Sarah Frank said...

You know the funny thing about the last picture of Kevin and Cody sleeping together is that Kevin's hand is still the the TV remote too. I never leave Bryson out of his diaper. I know I will have plenty of crap to clean up when he starts to potty train when ever that might be. Love the purse, I need a new one too. I always have to have chocolate on hand. In fact I just had a York Peppermint Patty. Our smoke alarms always seem to go off when were sleeping, it's like they secretly know your asleep and decide that that is the best time to need their batteries changed. Sorry so long.

Shawn AND Chelsey said...

I've never heard of Jersey sheets... we'll have to give them a try! They sound great!!

Glad you guys are doing well in UT!

Norm and Jan said...

Nice surprise from lil Code

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