I get it

I know.
I am insanely irrational.
A little bit dramatic.
Always slightly annoyed. And quite a "Princess and the Pea".
I heard our neighbors music AGAIN! SERIOUSLY! I think I enjoyed Cd'a and sleeping in a house way too much.
It was like as soon as I was starting to get drousy around 10:15 ish (I went to bed kinda early last night) I hear the "Boooooooooooom bing bing Boooooooooooooom" and then I'm like SON OF A ...... SHUT THE FRUIT UP! For real. I start getting all insane looking like Achmed from Jeff Dunham's routine.
achmed.(: Pictures, Images and Photos
Luckily I was able to ignore it this time and just fall back asleep...after a Loooong prayer. Then at midnight the jackass below us pulls in with his van that sounds like a tractor and proceeds to open and close all doors on the van at least 10 times. Am I exaggerating? It's a strong possibility but once you get woken things always seem worse than they really are.
I've gone down and talked to the ladies at the office 3+ times now. Called the cops twice....who never bothered to show up. I've even gone over there myself as calm as possible and told them to turn it down. I'm stuck. I have no idea what to do now. I know if I started blasting music at 3 in the morning they would just like that too much. I've considered pinching Cody right next to that wall and letting him scream for hours.....For one I would never and 2. he never really cries just whines. Also considered buying a shop vac and trying that out at 5 am.
Kevin's company is bidding on a project that would be in St. George. If they get it then there is a high chance we would be moving. That would mean by the end of the year I would be out of this apartment! OUT! And don't get me wrong....it's a B-E-A-UTIFUL apartment. I love everything but that wall we get to share.
I also prayed and prayed while in Cd'a. Prayed to be happy and content. Prayed that we may have a new opportunity. Or at least that I would lose my hearing altogether....just kidding. I just needed to vent. Thank you for listening.
The End.


Liz and Grant said...

Oh I hope they move, or you get to move! It sucks, I don't think your over-reacting, sharing wall/ceilings with inconsiderate punks sucks! I know it's dumb to say, but I really do still get mad when I think about our old neighbors. I can't stand people who say, "it's an apartment, get over it" There's a little common curtiousy that goes with living in compact spaces, and your neighbors don't seem to have it. I'm mad for you!

Mama Corleone said...

I love that you just said the words "prayer" and "jackass" in the same sentence.

I think you need a gun. Just my opinion.

Darin and Sarah Frank said...

I just got ride of my noisy neighbors that are right behind me. I know how you feel. It is so annoying.

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