Brace yourself

Let's get the party started! I turned 23, Friday June 26th. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!
If you forgot to wish me a happy birthday...you are excused...just kidding
I am pumped because this is the first year I blew out ALL my candles.
ALL of them.
I practically had to head butt the last one.
The very next day was my Grandma See's Surprise 80th Birthday Party in La Grande!
That means we got to see COUSINS!
and more family :)

Cody even sweet talked Aunt Theresa into feeding him Ice Cream

Then we were off to Cd'a for a week! Kevin went back to Utah to keep working.
I got to see my friend KRISTI! and her little boy KENTON! What a treat.
Took some sweet walks with Grandma's wagon.
Spent time with some BESTIES!
Doing some seducing on the board walk.... isn't that what it's for? No?
Well it's good for throwing salt shakers into the lake
Ate some YUMMY food at Pau Pau's kitchen. Cody was quite taken with June.

Tried our first blue slurpee! Thanks to Jaime (My future Sis in law...if things work out the way I want...FINGER CROSSED!)
Spent some more time at Dockside, I average at least 2 trips there every time I'm in town. I cannot resist, and I won't.

The Sweet 16! MY OH MY this is freaking Y-U-M-M-Y.....just sayin
Followed by a walk around the boardwalk...trying to "burn off the calories, but not really trying"
Next day we went to the 4th of July Parade! Decked out Cody's stroller.
This face he's making cracks me up!
Some pre-firework swimming.
I miss that dang Lake. I won't lie.
Bubble gum blowing contest....Kevin totally kicked our trash...

But where does he spit the gum out? Oh look here's a spot.... I guess it works.
Saying our good bye to my Dad.
And Lacis.. My cat growing up, he's seriously older than dirt... I'm afraid I won't see him again.....
"Don't you go dying on me!"
Driving through Montana we saw a double rainbow! It was HUGE and so vibrant... the picture doesn't do it any justice. Like not a bit...
That was our past week and half in a nut shell. Did you miss us? We missed YOU dearly. That is all.


The Daines said...

It was so fun to see you at the parade! We forgot to email you so we can read when you go private. Our address is cassiedaines@Gmail.com.

Mama Corleone said...

Cody is so cute!! It kills me. There, I am dead now. Oh and your hair look great. Ok, NOW I am dead.

Kelsie said...

Three Things:

1. Cute hair
2. Love the purse
3. email address so I can keep reading... kelsieporter(at)gmail(dot)com

Liz and Grant said...

umm HAPPY FReakin BIRTHDAY old lady! I always know your b-day is the end of june, but I don't think I've ever been told the day, well that's a lie, but it never stuck. Looks like you had an awesome week, I'm a little dissapointed you didn't pee on the boardwalk this time, I always think of you when I go on it.

Tyler, Alycia and Ella said...

Fun pics! Looks like you had a great time! Btw, how did you get so many pics at one time on here???

Mama Corleone said...

Who looks at your blog from Port Angeles? I wanna be their friend.

Darin and Sarah Frank said...

You forgot to mention the awesome new hair cute you got while you were here, and did you ever finish your mom's living room? I am so sad your gone but really glad that we got to hang out a few time.

Stef said...

Happy Happy Birthday to you! looks like a blast!

Stef said...

Happy Happy Birthday to you! looks like a blast!

Ader Family said...

I miss that dang lake too! It was great....
LOVE the purse - along with everything you own. Always so stylish. Jealous!!

You look FANTASTIC!! Love you and miss you!

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