Letter to Random

Dear old next door neighbors,
I'm not sad you were evicted. In fact I've been so happy since
I've been sleeping fantastic at night, the only reasons
I wake in the night now is Cody or to use the potty.
Thank you for leaving, I'm sure I'm not the only one
who is not sad you are gone...no offense..

Dear Sunburn,
Thank you for healing so quickly.
I know it was my fault for not wearing sunscreen.
But still thank you for going away so quickly.
Dear Cody,
Thank you for being such a fantastic little boy.
You exceeded all my expectations of motherhood and the joys by far.
I also thank you for always sleeping through me being on the computer in your room during nap time......makes my life a lot easier.
Dear home made cake doughnuts,
You are so yummy.
That's why I just ate one of you.
I really should be thanking chocolate chips for not being around, seeing as how that's the only reason you are here. I was just out of c.chips so I had to "bake" something new.
You are still appreciated.
Dear Stairs-which-lead-up-to-our-apartment,
I hate you. I don't care if you are "good for me"
You wear me out, and we are always lacking groceries because I refuse to have to go grocery shopping and then haul Cody+ groceries+purse up the stairs, just to have to set Cody down somewhere safe (usually the crib) just to take another trip back down you to get more groceries. I look forward to the day when I won't have to see your face. That is all.
P.s. STAIRS! Do you see what you are doing to me? This is me barely making it.
Dear Acrylic nails,
You are pretty I will give you that much. but you are annoying. I hate having to text or type with you, although you do make hands look very pretty.. I still am thinking of getting rid of you.
Dear Wart,
It's been 2 long years with you on my finger. No one has actually pointed you out, but I know you have been spotted, and you humiliate me. That's why you are done! I am getting rid of you this week!
Dear Kevin,
You are the kindest Dad and the most patient Husband. EVER. We love you. And appreciate how hard you work for us.


Ader Family said...

I like your letters.
Dear Suzi -
You inspire me, and I look up to you. I miss you and am glad things seem to be happy - even if they are a touch boring at times. But know I am jealous of you and your many talents. Have a wonderful day!!

Matt and Amanda said...

Where do you live in Salt Lake? Those look like our apartments.

Liz and Grant said...

Ah yes, success! Victory is so sweet! Glad you got rid of your craptastic neighbors, and yep, cute kid, nice husband , and cake donuts- life sounds pretty sweet these days.

Kami said...

Dear old nasty neighbors, Good riddance. You are the kind of people who make apartment living HELL.

Dear Sunburn, OUCH!

Dear Stairs, I hate you too, for Suzi. I once lived on the 3rd floor, while I was pregnant, and I hated you a lot then. Please be easy on her. I don't want her to be too tired to post on her blog because it makes me happy.

Dear Doughnuts, please find your way to my house.

Love, Kami

Courtney said...

Yeah, this was a great post! Loved it. Thanks for the laugh. Miss you.

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