Things that I think are LAMESPICE!

Freaking nasty....they look to me like modified "Mom Jeans"
For real...not flattering...mainly on me.
D&G skinny jeans Pictures, Images and Photos


I'm all about saving the planet....but it seems more
like a trend than actually caring....just sayin
13 Pictures, Images and Photos


These 2 make me want to vommit...for real.
I plain just can't stand them
Enough said.
brangelina Pictures, Images and Photos


This isn't applied to all sushi.
I like my "wimpy" sushi like Avacado Maki
or a really yummy California Roll.
But seriously, I ate the eel one and gagged.
But the napkin wasn't big enough to catch
what I wanted to spit out....traumatic
Sushi Pictures, Images and Photos


I used to LOVE Wendy's...infact I worked there.
Lately though...it's nasty. All my fried goods are
tasting really funky....not liking it at all.
wendys Pictures, Images and Photos


I probably don't like this one because of the judges.
"Ah DAWG.....Wasn't good brother".....
American Idol Judges Cartoon Pictures, Images and Photos

This was a tag.....so what do you think is lamespice???


Liz and Grant said...

I hate skinny jeans! They are disgusting! The trouser cut jean, now that is where it's at, at least for a girl like me with the hip/butt combo. And... I couldn't stand any fried foods the first 4 months I was preggers, just saying if it was fried it was tasting "really funky" ;)

Josten and Sarah said...

I actually like skinny jeans just as long as they are not like that picture you have up there. When they're border-line nylons, that's crossing a major line - especially if it's a guy wearing them. Eww and I totally can't stand "Brangelina" either. Or the trend of going green. Amen sista.

Theresa said...

I like skinny jeans, on people with cute skinny legs. If you have muscular or fat legs, please I wish you wouldn't wear the skinny jeans.

Theresa's Lamespice:

1. Shorts so short, I see the little pocket ears sticking out of the bottom.

2. Selfish Mommies.

3. Loving Micheal Jackson

4. Crocs

5. Scrapbooking (I know I'm a minority)

6. Couples in matching clothes.

7. Hanan Montana, Jonas Brothers, and Taylor Swift.

8. Loving Robert Pattinson

Mama Corleone said...

I love that your pic of Angelina looks like she has thunder thighs!! Let's see some skinny jeans on those hips!

Walker Family said...

Still laughing. . . .really- totally agree- except i love sushi

Dave said...

this is quite a blog. Cody makes it real. Maybe add some Gary Allan love to this site!! I got lots to choose from!! Dave

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