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After using the bathroom this morning, I looked in the mirror and thought about how badly I could use a shower...then pumped my palm with soap....even took off the "soap booger" for the pump and flipped the water on to begin washing my hands.........no water...what? That's weird! I turned it off then tried again....still no luck! All the water in our apartment was off! CRAP! My palm was still full of pineapple anti-bacterial soap...plus the soap booger. I took my left hand and managed to dress myself in sweats and a t shirt..tried to put a t shirt on Cody...but soon realized that it would require 2 hands. I walked across the hall to our neighbors just to see if I could use her sink for 30 seconds to rinse the soap. No answer. MOTHER! I hauled Cody and my sweaty-greasy-need's- a-shower-so-bad self down to the front office.

I said "I think our water is shut off "....as I showed her the now dripping with sweat and soap palm
Her reply "Oh the whole apartment complex's water is shut off....we don't know why...but we called them, and they are going to fix it asap"
My reply "...... *insert blank annoyed stare*......Okay"
Luckily the water fountain in the office was still trickling a little water....but if not I was on my way to the pool.

Here is my question.
Do you hate apartment living as bad as I?
I know it's pretty much what you have to do until you are ready for a house or whatever...I guess you could rent and duplex or home....but we were in a hurry to find this place.

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