Show Off!

Just thought I'd take the time out of my day to brag. I bought all this for $15.00!!
Cody seriously loves to stand. If it keeps him happy, then I'm happy.
Plus I get a new view of his little heiny!!!
We welcomed home Kevin's brother BRAD! He's been serving in Afganistan since January.
It was a delight!

These two videos crack me up! One is Cody "talking" my Mom said he looks like an old man without his teeth in....BAHAHAHA. The other is his "crawl" and I am sure he will be walking soon....so this is as good as the crawl will get :)


Shawn AND Chelsey said...

Cody's so cute!! I love his little rolls :)

What a stud :)

Congrats on the couponing effort. I wish I had the motiviation to do that!!

Darin and Sarah Frank said...

Cody has a bit of a wedgie. That kid needs to be in 18 month clothes. Did you do the Albertsons thing. If so I went through it three times myself. I loved it. Hopefully they do it again soon.

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