Today I.....

Could have put Cody's clean clothes away....but decided against it.
Started this painting for my Mom's Birthday. Not too shabby!
Slapped myself on the back for showering AND getting dressed....
Then noticed how wavy my hair is getting in the back.
Ate lunch during nap time in front of the computer......as always.
Sent about 200 text messages.
Seriously though about polishing my piggies....
Laughed when I saw Cody like this first thing this AM.....(he's been sick :()
Wanted badly to take a nap....but remembered I hate naps.
So I just peaked at Cody during his instead
Probably should have finished unpacking...... you know how this ends....I didn't
And then LAUGHED when I saw that Cody's booger face....left snail trails on the sheets! SICK!
I also watched Juno, went to the Dr's, ate some M&M's, and wandered shopko.
What did you do today??


Shawn AND Chelsey said...

I basically spent the day with my head over the toilet ... you win!! :)

Ader Family said...

I chatted with my sister- trying to decide my life plan, sat in front of the computer planning a trip to Italy - which may never happen, and well.... that's about it. Your day sounds better!!
Love you!

Darin and Sarah Frank said...

I went to the dr. and then to Super One for some groceries. Then to Mutual and we made homemade ice cream. It was an OK day.

Theresa said...

You got a lot done, especially for being sleep deprived! Go You!

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