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Hello Everyone!
I'd like you to meet Lauren. She is sooo funny, down to earth, and is just plain addicting.
Her blog is the bomb. Here is the link.
She really inspires me with her fashion sense, decoration skills, and pretty much everything she does. She even took the time to answer a few of my questions, so get comfy and enjoy!
1. You are one BUSY BEE! Seriously. How do you find the time to keep up with everything you do? 3 blogs, working out, school, work, husband, family, crafts, cooking, it's amazing!
Dude. I have no idea! I feel like I am running all over the place all the time. My day consists of work from 8-5, class after school, working out with my mom after school, making dinner after working out, blogging after dinner, spending time with "the tedward", and homework. I never have time to do the "fun stuff" throughout the week. I save my garage saling, thrift store shopping, photo-sessions and crafting for saturdays! However, I now have class on Saturdays, so I have had to cut waaaaay back. Making to-do lists are the only way I can get things accomplished. Srsly.

2. I must say that I've noticed your love for fashion. What are your favorite and least favorite trends?
I love fashion! I am now in the fashion design program at school, which is fun and a challenge...but I love that. My favorite trends right now are belts around the natural waist. Anything that cinches in a woman's waist and creates an hour-glass shape is a beautiful thing. I am a big advocate for loving our curves. It's so important to not stoop to the level of "I have to be so so so skinny with no curves to be beautiful!" Wrong. Having curves is beautiful, AND the guys love it :) As for trends I hate...not a fan of the super skinny jeans. They only look good on a handful of people...definitely not me!

3. Where do your motivation come from while you do your photography?
I am so inspired by my surroundings. I love when my shoots are located at fun and interesting areas. Areas where the architecture is just awesome...like a run down shed....and then contrasting it with a beautiful girl in a very girly dress. Very chic!

4. Family is a BIG thing in your life?
Family is everything to me. My very best friends are my family. It's wonderful that we all live near each other and can spend a lot of time together. I truly believe that having a loving family is the key to a happy life. Friends come and go, but family is forever.

5. Thrift shopping is the shiz... when do you think is the best time to go shopping? What are your favorite stores?
I wish I could thrift shop every day, because the frequency of when you thrift shop is really the key to snagging awesome stuff. However, I only have time on Saturdays. I tend to go EVERY Saturday, just to see if there is anything new in the store. Goodwill has awesome stuff (I never leave empty handed) and Desert Industries is great too!

6. I don't know about you, but when I thrift shop I don't always find treasures. Although I do love a gooooood clearance rack. What is your favorite store of all time?
My favorite store of all time is Forever 21. I don't care if the clothes aren't constructed very well...just take care of them and you will be just fine. I always find the best clothes there for pretty cheap. And hi...the accessories are killer there! I love Forever 21!
7.How has pocket Edward been treating you these days? Mine left me. Seriously. I can't find him
Ha ha! Pocket Edward has been doing quite well. Just chillin' in my purse...planning his next adventure.

8. Your blog is addicting, it's funny, informative, and witty. Do you have any blogging advice for the rest of us?
Thank you! I would just say, keep it real. Blogging about things you are passionate about, about things that inspire you or make you laugh are usually the best way to go. Just be real....it makes you more relatable :)


mrsmonje said...

I havent even read her blog yet and I lover her already lol! I will be adding her to the list of blogs to read :)

Busy Bee Lauren said...

Ohh! Thanks for the feature! xoxo

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