Today I tried this...
elliptical Pictures, Images and Photos
Instead of this. My knees have been sore lately.
treadmill walker Pictures, Images and Photos
Ate one of these fo free! I heart subway cards...enough points = free sub!
sub Pictures, Images and Photos
squeeled when I saw how cute he looks in his jacket.
ate a few of these....recipe here.
and made a few of these.
Who's prettier?
In a NON-Lesbian way.
Kate Hudson?

kate hudson Pictures, Images and Photos
Rachel Mcadams?
rachel Mcadams Pictures, Images and Photos


Kasey said...

Totally Rachel Mcadams! She is AMAZING!

Brown Family said...

Kate! Rachel is kindof weird looking to me!

Ader Family said...

Damn.... they are both gorgeous!!
How could you really choose - they are different, but gorgeous!

Darin and Sarah Frank said...

I like Rachel. I just saw the time travelers wife and loved it. She was awesome in it. I love her as an actress. Those cookies like absolutely to die for. Please send me a care package full of them. :) I love to change the work out to an elliptical I get board easily. The elliptical hurts my toes those for some reason.

Brynne said...

Rachel McAdams! But they are both hot (in a lesbian way.) Jk. :)

Liz and Grant said...

I have a huge girl crush on rachel mcadams, I think she is soooo gorgeous. However, I have never met a boy who argrees.

mrsmonje said...

Rachel McAdams for shiz!! Thoes cookies look amazing, send me some? haha

Emily and Russell Petty said...

I think I'll have to go with Rachel. I like her a lot!

Emily and Russell Petty said...

I think I'll have to go with Rachel. I like her a lot!

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