As I was getting ready to do this post, I realized that I left my camera in the car..... All 43 steps down.....SIGH......The things I do to entertain you kids!
Sigh, now getting ready to HIKE back up for the post.
These little wonders were at DI for $4.oo, comfy and they fit like a glove.
P.S. Who wants to come over and polish my toe nails? Anyone?
This shirt was at "Somebody's Attic" for $3.00
Same place but for $2.50 Needs ironed..
$1.50....and polka dot......SWEET
Yellow belt....it's older than dirt...back when women didn't eat....HAHA .50
This sweet 80's wonder was $1.00
Old lady suit case....Meet my friend clorox bleach wipe.....now meet my friend BOW.....
A new temple bag!
Plus it's a "SAMSONITE! I was way off!"
And one polyester tie for K HAM. Love you!
Add it to the insanely big collection....seriously there has to be over 60 in there..


The Lethcoe Family said...

Have I told you lately you're my stinking FAVORITE!! I totally snorted at the Sampsonite...you're so lucky, you find the cutest stuff!!

mrsmonje said...

I am so jealous at all your good finds! Love the shoes

Shawn AND Chelsey said...

Look how stinking skinny you are!! What great finds... how cute!

Theresa said...

loooooove it!

Emily and Russell Petty said...

Suzi Q! You found great stuff! You'll have to take me sometime!

Mama Corleone said...

"Samsonite" ha ha ha! Great flick! Wonderful finds Lady, congrats.

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