I feel the need to vent, whine, complain, so if you feel the need not to listen, you may excuse yourself now......

Okay. I hate apartment living. Hate it. I know I whine a lot and shouldn't, but since this is MY blog I can do what I want. Mainly, I hate the stairs. 43 as I said before, that's a ton! Especially when carrying 45lbs worth of groceries and baby. Yes I weighed myself holding the stuff and did the math. It's nuts.

I know it's my own fault, I should have said "Hey, do you guys have this apartment available on ground floor?" or something along those lines. But then I would have just pissed and moaned over how I could hear people walking above me.

I came up with the idea of asking how much more it would cost to have a ground level apartment with a garage....and bear in mind we pay too much as it is......$300.00 extra a month! $300.00!! I thought to myself "Oh snap, I could save $300 a month and then just pay off the lease to move into a house" and yes I really did think "OH snap". Don't hate.

So here I am, sipping my diet cherry pepsi on the rocks, listening to Cody cry himself to sleep, thinking how badly motherhood invades showering. Sigh. I do love my life, and I know I do complain a lot, but I am thankful Kevin has a job in these hard times, that we have full bellies, and a roof over our heads.

Someone say "Poor you" just once please.... or at least tell me to get over it.


Ader Family said...

Aw... Poor you!! That's a lot of stairs.
But it's good exercise and you are blessed with a wonderful husband, with a good job, a good place to live, and a wonderful baby.
But it's okay to complain sometimes too!
Love you!!

Mama Corleone said...

Poor, poor, pitiful you!! You are blessed, but go ahead and complain. Apartment living sucks, that's all there is too it. And stairs stink regardless....even the ones in my house are a bummer.

Good luck!

Shawn AND Chelsey said...

Just think... this time next year you'll probably be in your very own house!! You won't have to live in an apartment forever :)

By the way... a cold diet cherry pepsi sounds FABULOUS right now!! :)

Kasey said...

Sorry love!
I feel even worse that the ventage is half my fault... :(

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