He called me buddy

A few days ago Cody and I walked over to Gardner Village, Align Centerwhich is fun to do with a stroller and no side walk.....
None the less I've been wanting to see that place since we moved back in may. It's amazing. Their theme this year is witches for halloween so there were crazy big green fat witches everywhere!

This one had plump pouty lips..
He didn't really care for the whole thing...surprise.
Look at his face!
MOM! Doesn't this make you think of Grandma Francis??
MOM, doesn't this look like something straight out of a Thomas Kinkade painting?
These 2 videos I love. The one is his walking skills, which are coming along quickly. I love it. And the other is trying to get him to eat peas.....the battle begins already.


Shawn AND Chelsey said...

Wow! He's getting REALLY great at walking! How fun!!

Gatten Gang said...

You look soo much like our Mom at the same age!!!

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