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My long lost twin Kourtney did a post on her blog about how she is changing her name (she just got married) and how she was sad that she was giving up her last name, and had listed a few funny reasons. So here I am, doing the same....
Here are a few reasons I miss having my last name as "See", not that I don't love Hammond...

See's Candy!
REPRESENT! Too bad we never got a discount!
I know for a fact that my Dad is related to the old bag on the box.
While trying to find a picture of See's Candy I found one of my little brother....funny!
Sees candy Pictures, Images and Photos
See, Suzi
that's how my name always was on the role at school.
Made me think of See Suzi Run, See Suzi.... well you get the picture

My LEAST favorite
When I was at a place and they would need your first and last name. I would say "It's See, S-E-E" but they always thought I was going to spell out something else so often I would get the paper and it would say "CSEE"...idiots....

Your last name is C.?
I got this one a lot. People thought I had a complicated last name that started with the letter "C" so I just put C. to shorten it. HA! People I'd known for years though this!

the fonz always called the dad "Mr. C." which was short for....I don't remember what, but when I was little I was sure that our families were related.
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I had never heard of this til I was googleing my old name! It's exist!


I often ponder why I am not really named SUZI. It's really Suzanne, but I only get called that by my father, or by a new bishop or something like that. Suzi fits me like a glove. I am proud to wear this name....and not a lot of people I know have it....so I never get confused. Here are few other Suzi's to love..

Creedence Clearwater loved "SUZY Q" although they spelled it wrong..I wonder if they know?
"OOOOhhh Suzi Q, Oh Suzi Q! Oh Suzi Q baby I love you, Suzi Q!"
Don't know how many times I've hear that one...

Creedence Clearwater Revival Pictures, Images and Photos

Did you know there is a Suzy Homemaker doll??? I want one! Christmas maybe?

AND Suzi Homemaker kitchen toys! Seriously! I know right!
Apparently there are Suzi Q cosmetics! I heart makeup. They even spell it right.

I have lived 23 great years and still never eaten a "Suzy Q" from hostess.....tisk tisk!

Here is what hostess had to say about "Suzy Q's"...
"How do you eat a Suzy Q? Do you lick the crème filling around the edges or just bite into it? For more than 40 years, sophisticated snack cake connoisseurs have been licking their fingers while mouths full of crème filled Suzy Qs delight their taste buds.

The oblong sandwich of either banana-flavored or devil's food cake with white crème filling was invented in 1961 and named after the daughter of Continental Bakeries Vice President Cliff Isaacson.

Suzy Q is also the name of a dance step, a song, a recording artist and a popular nickname among the young and the young at heart. The name, it seems, never goes out of style - just like the taste of these delectable and timeless snacks."


KPost said...

I totally want you to have a Suzy Homemaker doll!!

Mama Corleone said...

Well Lady, I am so jealous! You have/had a fantastic name. My maiden name rhymed with Whiskey....so that was LOTS of fun growing up.

Great post! You're always so entertaining and hilarious!

The Lethcoe Family said...

HA HA HA... I have you as Suzi Q in my phone too...sorry, but you KNOW I have to serenade you, it's who I am. :)

Gatten Gang said...

Love your blog and especially seeing your little brother Kelly..He looks great! J

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