Wordless Wednesday

YEAH RIGHT! I'm not a wordless kinda gal!
I made these freaking sweet couch pillows yesterday....I am in love. They were originally nasty pillows from Savers, that I covered. And WA LA!

Which really was a freaking waste because this guy likes to pull them off and laug

Speaking of this guy he had his 1 year check up today
HEIGHT: 30 inches, 45%- 20 @ birth
WEIGHT: 25 lbs 7 oz, 80% - 8lbs 3 oz @ birth
HEAD: 48 something?, 95%
This kid has a beach ball for a noggin! My gosh. The shots didn't go as well as I wanted. When I picked him up he grabbed the bandaids off the legs and threw them......temper much??
OH man I made fried rice last night, and we had pork and seeds as an appetizer.......I could eat this stuff til I am literally going to puke. I got too much mustard on a bite and the hairs on my head tingled......"It's more tingly than hot!"
And last but not least......another GIVEAWAY! Click here to enter.....


Darin and Sarah Frank said...

I hope I win the headband. I LOVE that kind of pork with the seeds and mustard. It is to die for. My kids have really big heads too. Bryson hates the band-aids too. He throws a fit until he gets them off. It might be a boy thing or something.

Shawn AND Chelsey said...

The headband is super cute! I hope you pick me :)

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