Why I loved this weekend

I found my long lost twin! I knew it! This is Kourtney, she is the best....and I heart her.
My friend Kasey ever so selflessly drove me around all last week and the week before, seeing as how our car wasn't working. She even bought this scarf so that I could finance it from her! Hahaha, no really, it was only 16.99.....but $2 a week is a lot sneakier than 17 bucks at once....eh eh?
WINCO FINALLY OPENED! I feel a little more at home!!!!! Grand opening day was INSANE, if you wanted a shopping cart you had to follow someone out to their car....no joke...and then some asian lady followed Cody and I to ours. I just wish she was there to help me with the groceries up the stairs....they left evidence...
I bought myself this coat for "Labor Day" (Cody's birthday).
It's A-mazing, and it's flannel lined.....waaaaaaarm.
I may sleep with it on every night :)
While at Target with Kasey (my monitored only target shopping)
I found these bad boys for $7, and feel absolutely no remorse for buying them.
None at all.
I actually got to spend time with my son AND....my husband!
Can you believe it??
Sunday night we went to the park and fed the geese
they were all up in my bidness!
Doesn't the purple scarf fit in nicely with my collection?
Today for lunch I had the worlds yummiest salad. It's all gone now, but all I can think is that I want more (It's BBQ chicken salad with strawberry's....hmmmm......drooooooool)
AND AND AND! I got some decent pictures of Cody! These are for his 1 year.

Brad, Kevin's brother, is quite the grease monkey and FIXED OUR CAR!
Wheeeeeeeh...life may be normal again.
grease monkey Pictures, Images and Photos
Officially am done with nursing.....minus the engorgement stage....which is killing me still...
breastfeeding ROCKS Pictures, Images and Photos
Seriously am counting my blessings here cause there are many.
What an awesome start to my week.


KPost said...

Ok so we have to be twins because I totally have a ridiculous scarf collection that I have hanging on the very same kind of wooden peg hanger thingy. Twins. I knew it.

Shawn AND Chelsey said...

Now that you're done breastfeeding it's time to have another baby :)

Shawn AND Chelsey said...

ps: the 1 year pictures of Cody are GREAT. He sure is CUTE!! He's definitely going to be a heartbreaker Ü

Darin and Sarah Frank said...

Cody's 1 year pics are really cute. Can't wait to go through that stage of having engorged boobs again.

The Saling Family said...

ha ha, I just expanded my scarf collection a bit too, when I was in NY last week.

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