How to: Run with a baby

Step 1.
Make sure your hair is pulled back, nice and snug, you don't want that in your face.
(I used a lesbian soccer head band, and an elastic tie.)
Step 2.
Get out your running shoes, put your socks on first, then the shoes, tie tightly in double knots.
Step 3.
Throw on your finest running gear and head to the gym.
I hate this sweatshirt, but I must REPRESENT!
Step 4.
Get your headphones and personal music player, then turn on your jam!
Step 5.
This is an important one! Make sure you forget your umbrella stroller in your broken down worthless car, that way your kid can just roam the gym, and get into everthing.
Step 6.
Program your treadmill at the speed of your comfort.....CODY! No son!
SIGH.....he found the water cooler and decided the empty half of it, excellent.
No run today. Boo.


Shawn AND Chelsey said...

I think it should be the thought that counts... that ought to earn you at least a few calories burned Ü

Kristen said...

bahahahaha!!!! man i miss you!!! GO CODY go!!!

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