Letters to Random

Dear Favorite Green Slippers,
Why would you do that to me? You know I can't find another pair as good as you! 3 years is all you've given me, and now what? Your giving up on me? I'm extremely disappointed in you.
Dear Kristen,
Life isn't the same without you and your witty remarks. I wish you'd just hurry up and move here, so I have someone to make fun of Tyra Banks with.....that is all..
Dear Cody,
You have the sweetest bottom ever, that's what I don't understand why it smells so DANG BAD. Seriously, you make my eyes water, and please try to keep the poo in the diaper from now on.
Dear Scentsy,
thank you for keeping my house smelling decent, I know it's hard because you are having battle with poopy diapers. YUM...anyways I was wondering if you wouldn't mind doing me a favor?
ISC Dinalynn Pictures, Images and Photos
you see I had pa pa johns last night and it was DELISH. Anyways I used the garlic butter dipping sauce, and then kept on cruising the internet. All I could smell was that garlic buttery goodness. So would you mind making a scent named "Papa Johns"? I would buy it! Just sayin..
PAPA JOHNS Pictures, Images and Photos
Dear IKEA (and Melissa),
I thank you for your baby proofing supplies. My life has only improved since you walked into my life.....AND it's less messy. Thanks again..
Dear Grasshopper Pie,
Dear Blog Readers,
As you can see from this chart, I'm only doing better and better each month. Thanks for reading! Please feel free to leave me comments, I love hearing your feedback.
Dear Toshiba Laptop,
I hate your stinking guts. I want to throw you off our 3 story balcony with no remorse whatsoever. Please do the world and favor and DROP DEAD.



Stef said...

Oh look at you, you figured it out without my help. Gosh I feel so un-needed. HA HA. Love it!

Shawn AND Chelsey said...

I want a scentsy sooo bad!! You're lucky! :)

Melissa said...

I am thinking of having a Scentsy party soon, will ya come!? I am SO glad Ikea helped you!!! I am hoping to make a trip there soon, its just SOOO far away. :-) Cody does have a cute bum! Thanks for making me smile

Darin and Sarah Frank said...

Your so stinkin funny. That grasshopper pie looks delicious.

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