Wishing and hoping, thinking and prayin.. oh and a quote.

Isn't this wall hook so adorable? I want a few of them side by side.
Umm hello! I would wear this in an instant! The bow rocks my whole world.
AND I would have to pair it with these!
I'm ordering this next summer, you can't stop me. I just hope it's got good girl support. Nothing worse that feeling like you got left hanging...."don't leave me hanging man"
I mainly want these earrings in the hopes that someone would say "Nice set of hooters you got there.................. the owls they're beautiful!"
but really I'm more into crabs anyway. I want this.
With all the delicious things I bake, I could use a new more hip cake stand...just sayin
!!!!!!MOVIE QUOTE!!!!!

"Oh look there's Kathryn Hepburn's Mom! Why did you throw the heart of the ocean over the railing of the titanic??? Did you feel bad at all letting Leo Dicaprio drown while you were floating on the big door? Could you have taken turns, or were you too afraid you'd freeze your big ___ off!?"

Can you name it??


Kasey said...

Bruce Almighty! :) I freakin love every second of it!! :)

Mama Corleone said...

Having a Jim Carrey day are we?

Kami said...

Suzi, where did those shoes come from?

Theresa said...

Is that the front or the back of the dress?

Shawn AND Chelsey said...

SUPER cute swimming suit! I LOVE it!! :)

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