Once upon a time

We went to the cabin located in Island Park, Idaho, and finally had a weekend
"away from it all....."
The view, it's easy on the eyes.

Cody trying on a buckaroo hat in West Yellowstone.
While we were laughing trying to take this picture, the sales guy came up behind me ....
And offered this hat instead! Awesome.
There was a pizza place, and OHHHHH....it was really good. So worth it.
Garlic parmesan, cheesey bread
My brother Danny had been planning on coming up fishing too,
so at night this is how we spent our time.
I won this game...just so that's clear.
Come on girls show em what you got! (a kickline...)
And on the way back we stopped in Rexburg to gas up, and decided to drive up to the temple.
It's stinkin purty, what a gorgeous day.
This guy didn't love the car so much, but thanks to one of his new toys, we all made it out alive.


Darin and Sarah Frank said...

It looks like you guys had a fun weekend. We went to Yellowstone back when I was just barely pregnant with Bryson. It was tons of fun but a lot of driving.

Mama Corleone said...

Thanks for the invite! You guys are the very best! Oh, and I will expect that hat for my birthday....so there.

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