Last night when Kevin got home (around 9:30) we were relaxing and watching tv. Suddenly POW POW!.....we look at each other? Was is ice overflowing in the freezer? Then again POW! Hmmm...so I went to check. The freezer looked completely normal. No extra ice. I opened to the fridge to fill my snack craving and saw it....
Diet Pepsi Pictures, Images and Photos
Remember a few weeks back when I showed you frozen refried beans? Not 1 but 2 of my diet pepsi's froze and EXPLODED. I pulled out the busted cans and chunks of soda, wiped down what I could (the fridge really needs clean out...but maybe it will happen tomorrow...or the next day) and then sat back down.
20 minutes goes by so I got up to get a drink of crystal light in our little jug. I pulled it out and a from habbit I shook the container...which had NO LID. Then my fridge, floor, and myself were covered in fruit punch residue.
I still laughed though.
I hope you feel better after reading this story, you know about being freaking forgetful.


mrsmonje said...

i laughed hahaha

Shawn AND Chelsey said...

Oh man! What a mess!! Very funny!

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