talk talk talkaroo

This morning while scrambling Cody some eggs he totally rips one! I thought a grown man may have been standing behind him because it was loud.

Myself "CODY! did you just FART err TOOT?"
Cody "I did!"

He's been talking more and more lately, which make sense the kid is a growing boy.
Some of the other things he says are:

"AWT!" which is hot
"Ahhh DA!" Hot dog, although he's never eaten one...odd
"Da Da" which is dada...duh
"Ah po" I pooped
"I tink" I stink
"Eat" you guessed it
"ahhhh da" hot dog? No, all done.

Most of these are things he will repeat if I say, but a lot of them he is saying on his own.


Shawn AND Chelsey said...

How fun!! I love when they start to talk!!! You've got to get his little voice on video and post on your blog!!

mrsmonje said...

thats so cute hes talking!

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