Incase you were wondering

Thrift store shopping rocks my world.
It really does.
I can't tell you how many clothes of mine are second hand,
and now look at these two sweet finds.

This GIANT block, was $5.00....all it needed were batteries and wiped down. It's Cody's fav..
This basketball hoop was $2.00, all it needed was water in the base
so Cody doesn't get whacked in the head when it tips over.
I did the drawing for the headband giveaway....want to see who won?
Click HERE.
Recently Cody has starting peeing out of his diapers. Multipul times a day. I was BUMMED. Parents Choice diapers were only .19 a piece! I think huggies are about .26 each...so...that was an easy decision. Plus he's not sensitive skin so cheap doesn't bug his bottom.

I've done some shopping around and math. LUVS which I love..hahah, at WINCO were only .19 a piece! And their size 4 is the same size as PC's size 5....so take that!
I bought this for the trunk or treat...it's a light up badge...blinks red so you won't get hit by a car, it was $1.18...I was hesitant on buying but thought for safety..why not? While packing everything up it fell and the on/off button broke off...it was still blinking all night, so I put it in the laundry room...5 days later...it's still going strong. It could have lasted me 5 Halloween's!

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Shawn AND Chelsey said...

SCORE!!! I love bargain shopping too! You should try out freecycle.org

It's like craigs list but everything is FREE. You can't beat free :)

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