weekend in review...

went to The Mayan. It was pretty sweet. Food was good, show was great.
And the price was the same as other restaurants
except at olive garden you don't see tarzan in a loincloth cliff diving...
Hmmmm chicken tostada salad. It was good...had nothing on costa vida though...
Cody does his usual "I'mtootiredtostayawaysoi'lljustsleephere"
Which is fine by me. One employee at the grocerie store stopped me and asked
"When did we start selling those??"

SO CUPCAKE! So yummy. red velvet, pumpkin choc chip, key lime, and strawberry.

I dressed up as JUNO
JUNO Pictures, Images and Photos
Cody was Birdman...
Chris Andersen Pictures, Images and Photos
As you can see we made a sweet team.
My "baby" was a little deformed...must be all the 64oz blue slurpees...
I tried 2,TWO! New lipcolors this weekend.
Normally I would just stroll over to MAC and say I want to try this..but didn't want to be tempted to buy anything else!
Here's how my 2 went
1. Covergirl wetslicks amazemint
little did I know this would go on completely sheer! Danget!
2. Covergirl outlast double lip shine
worked well, but eventually looks like this....
Caridee, you let me down.
You had me convinced this would work on your CG add.
Thanks a lot for letting me waste $8.

caridee\'s covergirl photo Pictures, Images and Photos
we found this cute little park by our house!
It's a lot like Fort Sherman in Cd'a.
Only smaller, and cuter.

this is how Cody felt about being at the park.


Shawn AND Chelsey said...

You are so good at designing look-a-like costumes for Halloween. I think you should design ours for next year :)

Darin and Sarah Frank said...

Cody looks really happy about being at the park. Looks like a successful weekend.

Mama Corleone said...

Juno?!! That is the best! Great idea.

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