what suzi is happy about...

Did you fix your camera??? I did not ....boo! BUT, I did put our memory card in our old camera, which doesn't take pictures, but it will upload them...so it's not completely useless....

Baby Proofing Equipment is the best thing ever...!
As nice as it was having Cody help himself to a drink, you see that crystal light jug on the bottom right of the fridge?? That was a lake on my floor.
Crystal light stains worse than blood! For pete's sake!
My stinking salt shaker broke!
"You spilled the salt, that's what's the matter! QUICK, throw some salt over your right shoulder!.....Who's the dead man who hit me with the salt shaker??"
That's okay, my Mom bought me these one's a long time ago.
She bought them because I tend to be "crabby". Love it.
Here is my $3.24 fedora!
Do I mind the weird looks I get for digging coupons out of this trash can? No I do not!
Clipped and ready to go.
This isn't even all of what I got!
41 box's of Brownie's and 21 bottles of oil for $20.00!!!!
That makes the brownies .18 a piece, and oil .52 a piece...nuts! The beans were only .55 each, which is good, but I am holding onto the rest of those coupons...hoping for a even better deal.


Shawn AND Chelsey said...

Good job on your food storage!! I am impressed!!!

Mama Corleone said...

I want to any tips you have on coupons. I am so overwhelmed!

Oh, and so sorry to hear that you have crabs. :(

Brittany said...

I love saving more than I spend! Way 2 go! Poor camera. That is a sad day. I have no shame in dumpster diving. People think it is a joke, until they find the goods.

KPost said...

You are so thrifty-chic!

Darin and Sarah Frank said...

Nice job on the couponing. I haven't gone through my Sunday coupons yet. Good steal on the Crisco.

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