Camera Phone

I often send picture messages....and by often I mean like 10 times a day. Here are a few.

"My face is turning inside out.....ABREVA SUCKS!"
"Kitty Forman called she wants her...............everything back."
"It's hard to say but I think I need my hair color done......"
"I love my son I love my son I love my son I love my son I love my son I love my son"
"I sound like DEATH on the phone but as you can see here, I'm alive and well."


Shawn AND Chelsey said...

Hope you feel better soon!!!

The Lethcoe Family said...

WHAT THE DEUCE??! You're holding out on me seester...I got all but the last one...we're officially not besties anymore...I want my half of the necklace back!!

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