Kevin is done with school....

and has been for 7 months now. This means he graduated and got a big boy job. I complain often in the summertime of being lonesome because it's when he is busiest the most. But really I am SO GRATEFUL for his job. Here are a few reasons why.

He get's a week and a half off for Christmas....
christmas Pictures, Images and Photos

Called in sick yesterday but didn't miss out on being paid thanks to salary.
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He get's a work truck, it looks like this one only it's green.
2001 f 150 Pictures, Images and Photos
And my favorite one this year......

No really I got my own gift basket!
It included:
  • The softest blanket I've ever felt
  • 2 body washes and one was "Twilight woods scent" HA!
  • Lips gloss
  • Hand soap
  • Fuzzy socks
  • Looooo-fa
  • 1 mug
  • 3 variety's of hot chocolate
  • 1 package of lindor truffles....
  • Oh and a sweet basket.

Kevin had mentioned us getting a gift basket but I didn't know it was for just me.
And a side note...Cody spent the day like this....whiney.
I still manage to love him to pieces.
And incase you miss seeing this face more often.......
you know cause I've been slacking on the blog...
There you go.


Shawn AND Chelsey said...

WOW! Totally jealous of your basket!! I can't wait til we have grown up jobs Ü

Brittany said...

Sweet load of AWESOME! That was nice of them! I think they were trying to say, "Thanks for letting us use your husband and we hope this makes up for the lonely days!"

Isn't it great that no matter what those little babies do, we love them! Even when they are annoyingly whining!:)

Mama Corleone said...

Uh...wow!! I want a basket for all the work crap I put up with. Geesh.

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