Stephanie came to visit.

I am not going to lie to you. I'm posting on a diff computer. It makes me grumpy. The pic's uploaded in random order and were at LEAST 10 spaces apart. GRRR. So here is your finished project. You better like it.
This is often how I see Cody. He tugs and tugs on me til I turn around and this is what I see.
He's as big as the kids in Nursery....maybe we can drop him off 4 months early...
I made us matching bracelets. Don't be jealous.

Cody was generous enough to share his soda with me.

High as a kite? That's us! Not really though.
Bundle up! Apparently it snows in Utah.
There are no words.
I love this kiddo
We road trax down to temple square to look at the lights. It was freezing.
At the gateway mall.
He refused to sit on a lap. Had to sit in his own seat. Independence is coming.
I was ready to toss the hat out the door. Talk about itchy. My forehead is still missing 2 layers of sking caused by scratching.

We loved having you Steph. Come back to see us soon!

1 comment:

Shawn AND Chelsey said...

WOW! Cody is getting SO big!!! What a cute little guy!!

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