Why I've been a busy bee

The sewing machine I use is on loan. I have to give it back tomorrow, so today I made Cody's apron. He likes to help me with the cookie scooping when I bake.

The craft show started today! duh duh duh! They have it set up so you only work a 2 hour shift at the main register, instead of each booth having their own. So since I don't work til Saturday, I won't know how I am doing.

Hello Kitty

Mr. Snowman Cookie Monster and Elmo.
This is the apron I made for Kristen's birthday. I like the purple tulle.

So there you have it.


Shawn AND Chelsey said...

Wow Suz!! Good for you! You are just a little craft goddess :)

Darin and Sarah Frank said...

BUSY GIRL. I love your hats. They look amazing. You are so talented.

Anonymous said...

l Love the hats sister, you are so very creative....isn't it fun?!


Mama Corleone said...

So if one wanted a cookie monster or elmo hat for their very own, how would they go about purchasing one from you???

Emily and Russell Petty said...

You are so domestic and crafty!

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