13th Week

I just have to say. I was super pleased with my Doctor yesterday. She was amazing. I arrived and the reciptionist was polite, so was my nurse, and Dr. Desano was even better! I am counting my lucky stars. I am not saying with Cody I didn't love them all. The reciptionist were always rude, nurse rocked, but the Doctor was a Resident, not an OBGYN.
I had to fill out a chart about Cody's pregnancy, any complications, delivery, ect. I put c-section and didn't feel like she was judging me. I even put under infant complications "too cute". She talked me through the options, her opinions, and what we can expect. It was nice!
The crummy part was that I was due for a "anual exam" which is always fun. But luckily I shaved my legs....even mentioned that to her, and she laughed. Following the pap smear...yeah I said it...I got an ultrasound. With Cody I had one at 7 weeks so it was a vaginal, but this time I was far enough along that it was right on the bellay. As soon as I saw the baby, I light up. It's so good to see the baby, even though you know its there, it's a nice comfort. It measured at 1 day ahead, so already I am pumped. And heartbeat was in the 150's.
Baby was looking over, which Cody never did, so I got to see the face and eyes.
It was kicking all around. I loved it.

And speaking of Cody. He spent the time at a friends house during the appointment, due to the swine flu anyone under 14 can't go. Boo. He played with a baby doll at their house a lot, so afterwards we went to target and found one. I didn't want one that talked or anything, just a simple baby doll. They only ones they had were miniature. And only baby girls "of color". They didn't look african american, but not white....so Cody picked the pink one. Here name is Baby.

I am not saying he's always good with "Baby", because I have found her like this about 10 times.

But he carries her around a lot, and coos and goos over her.
Even gives her loves.
All in all. It was a great day. I love my doctor, I love the new baby, I love Cody and Kevin.
I just love everything today.


Amanda said...

YAY!!! We have a baby that my Cody has been practicing with too. We've had a couple bad days with the baby but now he takes super good care of her. I think its a great idea to let them practice.

KPost said...

eeeee!!! I'm so excited for you!!

Matt and Amanda said...

Yay! that is so exciting!!!

Tyler & Katie Rice said...

i love that cody has a baby. so cute!

Shawn AND Chelsey said...

So glad to hear that baby is healthy!!

Darin and Sarah Frank said...

That is so awesome that you got to have an ultrasound done. I think that your going to have a girl.

Liz and Grant said...

yay that is so exciting!!! I was nervous for you when you said it was your first appointment- 3 of our friends have had miscarriages is the last month- so I'm sooo happy that everthing looks good! Also I am pretty jealous that your baby actually looks like a baby, Hallie was a total blob when we first saw her- good thing she's gotten cuter

Mama Corleone said...


And don't worry about "Baby" being found upside down on the kitchen floor. This is how I often find my own baby...and he's pretty much ok.

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