THE never ending battle

Just a sidenote before we get started...I posted this on Kevin's work latptop...you know the one that's not blogger friendly? Well I am not sure why a few sentences look like links....PIECE.
I put this pic of Shawn Johnson up on my profile on facebook. Now I want bangs back. Grr.

I had them ALLLLL the way grown out..finally...then a week later I did this...

I liked them okay, I had them cut waaaaaaaaay tooo thick. I felt like they started at the crown of my head. so therefore...I hated them immediately...and the growing out process starting once again.

Here I am today...not realizing over time how blond I have become and how I am at this akward inbetween stage with my hair. It's been 5 months since my last cut, but now I am thinking I want it longer......but then remembering after Cody was born I was super glad to rid the long heavy useless ....never washed....never styled locks.


KPost said...

I vote for bangs! Except then I would have to cut mine too if we are going to remain twins :)

Amanda said...

Funny cause I woke up about a week ago and realized I too was in the awkward in between stage and I attacked my bangs. I just did enough that I can stand them and will have stacy do the rest when she gets here tomorrow.

I vote bangs

Shawn AND Chelsey said...

BANGS! I mean you look super cute either way ... but, I really like the bangs.

Darin and Sarah Frank said...

I am now in the awkward stage of growing them out myself and I am kinda getting tired of pinning them back every time I put my hair up. Either way you choose I am sure you will rock the hair. You always do.

Norm and Jan said...

You look darling no matter what. Bangs will make you look 16 again. I'm growing mine out...so done with unruly bangs...if only they were straight!

Mama Corleone said...

I firmly believe that the only reason I ever cut bangs is so that I will have something to grow out over the next two years.

Fortunately, you look great with and without! Sorry, no help here.

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