Day that end with a Y

29 days til this kid gets home!
About a month and we will be renting out the basement of this house.
The best part is, all utilities are included (even cable and internet!)
That's right, lease is signed.
I've been watching this movie a lot lately, obviously it's just a favorite...
I cannot resist Hugh Jackman, seriously, cannot!
Speaking of irresistable!
We made funnel cake and had this frosting with them and ever since then.....spoon in hand....nommmmmy!
That's a lie, I usually just smother one of these with the frosting and gobble it down.
Try it! You will not regret this.


Shawn AND Chelsey said...

mmm! I remember having graham crackers with frosting for my after-school-snack all the time in elementary school, It's still yummy to this day!!

Darin and Sarah Frank said...

Can't wait to see Kelly when he gets back. Love that movie and he is gorgeous. I always do that with the rainbow chip. I especially like them with the Costco animal crackers.

Brynne said...

Exciting for kelly to come back! I've totally done the frosting and graham cracker thing. ;)

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