Him! Yeah him!

Yesterday. Oh yesterday. It was baaad. And by that I mean Cody threw non-stop tantrums all day long. Not a whole lot was keeping him happy. He was much more content out driving around in the car with the windows down that staying in our apartment (Who could blame the kid!?). Just when I though I might smother him with a pillow his Dad came home.

Off we went to Costco, rolling pin in hand, keys in the other. I wasn't willing to take away the rolling pin and hear one more screaming fit... I. love. Costco. We wander aimlessly the whole time, found samples we liked and went back for more, then finished it off with some classic dinner. Hot dog and a soda.
The weather was still outstanding when we pulled into the apartments, so we let this kid play at the play ground. He proceeded to pick up to BIG handfuls of bark, run over, and throw them at us. He would laaaaugh and laaaugh. I also forgot to mention on the way home from Costco, he got the box of fruit snacks back open (he got one with his dinner) and kept tossing them in the front seat of the car, I got to pick up all 79 of the ones left.

As much as he drives me crazy, I sure do love him.

P.S. Someone told him about his baby brother. He squeels "Daaah" at my belly then lays his head down for a quick snuggle. I think he will be disapointed when I don't give birth to a puppy.


Darin and Sarah Frank said...

I know what you mean about carrying a rolling pin with you. I have been feeling like that lately.

Mamma Corleone said...

Ahhh ha ha ha! Well I'm with Cody on this one. Please, please, please let this be a puppy!

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