Oh it's getting worse...

I have a serious problem.

Over the past 18 months I've become a clean freak.
Freak. Yes that's the word.
Probably because I FREAK OUT when things start getting messy.

Ah and it's only the beginning.
You see I only have 1 child and he is only 18 months old.
(If you want you can include my other child Kevin, he is 28)

Pretty soon here I will have another, and eventually he will be a mess making machine as well.

I guess I get annoyed because cleaning is "my job" being a stay at home mother, but the fact that I just end up repeating myself all day long, day after day, cleaning up usually the same sorts of messes, my hair will eventually fall out.

I first noticed the problem when I was not "used" to being at home all day long. From Cody's birth to about 6 weeks. This is when you spend most of your time nursing. Sitting in a chair, on the bed, on the floor, and all you see around you is this mess you don't seem to have time or energy to take care of. (Plus if you were like me and had a c section, they didn't want you doing ANY lifting, vacuuming, ect)

As Cody has gotten older and started becoming more independent ALAS I have more time to clean, and therefore, more time to get pissed about it not staying clean.

About 5 times I day I trip over his toys he's decided that belong in my kitchen, either that or I will stub my toe on a kitchen utensil of some kind (spatchula, can of beans) he's decided belongs in the living room.

I try to shake it off seeing as how it will only get worse from here and eventually I will want to take a salty hot bath with slit wrists (yes I am exaggerating, but not tooo much).

I even find myself fuming after dinner seeing as how I already clean up the kitchen twice and lookie what we have here! Another mess! Dinner! We have to eat sometime RIGHT!? I think this is why I love Taco Bell so much. You leave any mess there. Plus it's ready in a jiffy....and it's delicious.

I tidy a lot. I wake up wipe the counters, sweep, vacuum (so I have the lines in the carpet just how I like them), start some laundry, and then usually go to the gym. Sometimes I make the bed, and pick up toys too. So that I am used to. What bugs me is the bathroom


I don't mind cleaning the toilet, sink, mirror, sweeping, and mopping. It's the gosh-awful-crap-for-brains-shower. I suppose it's because our tub is the size of a swimming pool which is supposed to be luxurious. I don't take baths much, so to me it's a annoyance. GO AWAY GIANT TUB. I'll clean it, then Cody pulls one of his tricks and takes a shiz in my tub. MOTHER! Oh no you didn't! It couldn't have been a solid "log" either. Man what a sweetheart. GRRRR

I would like to think that eventually I won't care, seeing as how it will be beyond my control, but I highly doubt it. Someone give me words of advice or wisdom!


Shawn AND Chelsey said...

I'm with you on the shower thing! WORST job ever! Shawn does it at our house :) ...I am one lucky girl :)

Darin and Sarah Frank said...

I despise cleaning the bathrooms and my advice is to start teaching Cody to pick up his toys and you need to take a break. Don't get stressed out about it. I know I should be talking but just let it go for a little while. I am sure the mess isn't going to go anywhere. I like to clean up right before Darin gets home so I don't have to repeat my cleaning every time my kids makes a mess, and like I said make Cody pick up. Got to teach them some time to pick up after themselves why not know. Especially before the baby comes would be great.

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