Vericose Veins suck, along with other things

Yes I was thaaaaat lucky. My left thigh has managed to explode in vericose veins. It's more like the one vein/roadmap I can see has bulged in random spots all the way to the back of my knee. I whine about how I will never be able to show my thighs again, come on now, like I was secure with them even before these monsters appeared!
(Board shorts please!)
I am also here to whine about showing. I think I am showing, but from what I am hearing from others I only look as though I had a large meal. After a large meal I don't have to use a rubber band on the top of my pants people! I should be grateful that I am not huge I guess, but my belly will never look like this...
Or like my gorgeous friend Vanessa's. I want it to look like a sweet little bundle of joy under there, not just people questioning my ability to put a fork down.
insert napoleon dynamite voice...

None the less I still find myself smothering my belly with this lotion everytime I feel an itch
(I managed to have a belly with no stretch marks, instead I got them on my hips and butt)
Back to Vericose Veins
"Man you wander a lot"
Quiet you! Go read another blog!
My Dr offered me a perscription for compression stockings, I turned them down seeing as how I only had 1 little bumpy at the time, but then have quickly turned desperate. I had to go pick them up from her office and then take them to a medical supply store because not all pharmacies carry them....
Off we went to find a medical supply store. The first place was freaking empty. Of coarse it was! It was easy to find daaaammmmmnit. I looked up another address and punched it into my trusty Garmen which we have named "Garth". "No matches found".
HOW USELESS CAN YOU BE YOU PIECE OF WORK!!!!!" I called Kevin with the same grumpy attitude, not just about Garth being an idiot, but that my legs may be popping more veins while we speak! He led me in the right direction and finally the store was found.
I drug my sleeping son outta the car and walked in.....(here is where son wakes)
"Can I help you?" front desk lady
".............blank stares................"
Between holding 30 lb Cody and my 8 lb purse I could not think straight!
Finally I managed to reply
"I have a perscription for some compression stockings" handing her the paper...
"Who is your insurance?" front desk lady
"...................blank again!.............. OH! Sorry! United Health Care"
"Oh we don't cover with them."
ARE YOU FLIPPING KIDDING ME! I drove to east jimmy nowhere and you don't even cover me! Also my son woke.....
"Hmm that's a bummer, thanks anyway"
Good hell I hate driving in Utah but I hate it even more when I don't know where I am going, and then get there and things aren't really working out.
I headed home in a pout, tears rolling down my cheeks. Over stupid compression stockings! I had managed to yell at my husband, use 1/2 our gas, and screw my son outta a nap.
I am grateful Kevin has a job in road construction (no he's not a flagger!) but holy crap, they had to start this project in front of our apartments now...we move in 3 weeks.
So I sat like this for about 5 minutes, which seemed like forever by the way, and finally made it home. Here I come to wreck the daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!
Even after all this whinning I am still mad at myself for always being a "Debbie Downer". It is a commandment to be of good cheer damnit now stand up brush myself off and get over it.
Oh and have a few jr mints too.
Thank you that is all.........

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