First off
Happy "Birth-Day" Steph!
Oh and Happy First Birthday Riley and Kenzi! We started off today like champs, workout, target, then had ramen for lunch. YUM. Yeah I have had a thing for raumen lately. Which is good if you ask me because it's cheap!
And incase you were wondering....these are delicious. Now you know, so go get some.
We need a bigger car. I am not super happy about this since we are financing ours. Kevin cannot fit in the car with the infant carseat behind him. Plus we drive a batmobile. So tonight we are going to see if we can bring this one home with us. His name is "Jerry".
I know I am probably going to hell seeing as how this movie is rated R, but I love it. The songs are so catchy, I don't seem to get tired of it.
My son is now a totaly copy cat. Before he was only half copy cat.
All day long it's like simon says.


Kami said...

We just got a Honda Pilot just like that, even the same color! We love it! I can't imagine how we lived without it. We had the same problem with the tall husband and the car seat. I hope you get it!

Liz and Grant said...

You want a house, I want a new car. Still driving the crappy (I am saying a prayer as I write this that it will keep working) Kia. Now we're even, I hate your guts :)

Steph and Dave said...

Thanks Suzi! I like the car. Did you get it.

Emily and Russell Petty said...

The Almond Joy pieces are wonderful! Did you get the SUV?? And, Chicago is PG-13 isn't it??

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