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This is how I felt about unpacking. This sums it up. I swear I did almost nothing and would have a braxton hicks contraction. Awesome.This is our "Entry way" "Mudd Room" and "Laundry Room" all combined.
Doors leading into the place
Main place of living aka Kitchen, dining room, and living room.
Kitchen. Not as extravagant as our last but, hey who's complaining.
Because now we have a pantry. Look at it!
Hallway that includes pantry, bathroom, and the boys room.
Bathroom. This is only a 2 bed 1 bath. We lost a bathroom, but we have gained 800 square feet....so either way.
The sink is TINY, which I am still having a hard time getting used to, but at least it has sweet shelves and storage.
Cody and Baby's room. Yes he was napping here. Whoopsies.
This is where the other crib will be, and I know the tent is super cool but I want to burn that thing. Takes up so much room for how often it is not played with.......no offense...
Back to the main. Dining room and Living room.
It's big I won't lie. It seems odd to sit so far away from our tv...hahahah..
Hallway from off the dining room that leads to our bedroom.
Our bedroom. If you don't like that laundry piled up, you can fold it yourself.

Seriously, I could do cartwheels in here with all the walking space.
Our bedroom doors that lead to more hallway, and the stairs up to our neighbors kitchen, hence why the desk is there, mainly just to block Cody.
Back back hallway. Those closets are stinking sweet to have. One for me, one for Kevin, one for random junk. I do love our new place. NO STAIRS. AHHH. I am not used to living below people though, and the bedroom with the stairs near isn't sound proof at all. I think I need to introduce our neighbors to the invention of the oven. I hear their microwave about 6 times a day. I can't complain it's cheaper and bigger and amazing. Lots of light too for being a "basement". I still have to admit that all I want is a freaking house, but this is great til then.


Kasey said...

Very pretty! :)

Shawn AND Chelsey said...

Super cute!!

Liz and Grant said...

Holy HUGE!!! You guys are going to be ruined now, you'll get a house and be disapointed that you can't do cart-wheels in every room:) It looks awesome, hope it turns out to be a great place while you work on getting your dream home:)

Kami said...

What a great place, but I don't see a dishwasher, how are you surviving?

Keli and Jacob Langston said...

What a super place! It makes me want more space now too, but I guess all good things can wait :) Cute decorations!

Brittaney said...

This is a NICE apartment! Seriously, compared to all the ones we used to live in this is amazing! I love it. And, I love you :)We haven't talked in forever!

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