Now I've got a confession...LA LA LA LA!

I am scared to death. In about 10 short weeks I will have a second child. Wow. This pregnancy has definetly gone by a lot quicker than Cody's. I know that I can do it, but I am worried that I will lose my mind. I am afraid of being awake in the night nursing a baby again. I am afraid of nursing, again! I did it before for a whole year, what am I so scared of? I suppose it's because I will have to balance #2 and Cody. I am afraid of delivery and how it will go, if I will ever get my figure back, and if I will get the baby blues again. Argh! I know I can do it, people do it every single day. It seems the more the days go by I get more and more tired, and I know it's partially because my baby is growing a ton and taking all my energy, but sheesh.
I suppose it doesn't help that I am having my kids less than two years apart but I want them close. My closest brother in age is just about 2 years and I love it. It was nice having him around in high school. I am also guessing that Cody's amazing ability to listen to me lately helps too (insert sarcasm). His new obsession is light sockets. He constantly is trying to find something to stick into them, or remove the "baby proofing" piece of crap plastic covers. Messing with my phone charger. What the heck? He has PLENTY of decent toys. Lay off kid!
Eventually I will have to potty train him too. I hear that boys are slower, more stubborn, ect. I really want to start him now seeing as how he throws giant tantrums at every diaper change, but I don't think that he would even get it. If he pee's in the tub or wherever he doesn't even seem to notice. If he poops, he notices. So I am stumped. I know this has turned into one long run-on sentence/paragraph, but I thought I would get it out of my head and let you read it incase you have any advice for me. Anyway. Thanks for listening.


Kelsee said...

Ok first: Take a deep breath. Second: Women have been having babies for thousands of years and have made it work, you can too. Third: You will find what works for you, may not be perfect, you may be insanely tired all the time, you may not get a shower everyday, your house may be a wreck, but you will make it work. I was scared too when I was pregnant with Cooper and after he came, it was hard, but I made it through, you will too. You are a great mommy and this new baby will enhance your family more than you will ever imagine. You may feel like a crazy person sometimes but your kids will love the fact that you put their needs first and will be better for it. You will do fine. As for potty training Cody, I asked our doctor when a good time would be and she said boys usually aren't ready until about 3. So stop worrying about it. Just take it a day at a time and find the small victories you make everyday. Hang in there! -Kelsee

Brittany said...

I got some good advice this weekend: "One takes all your time, two takes all your time, six take all your time." It'll all be ok. You will do a great job. Just never turn your back away from either one and you'll be set :) P.S. I love run on sentences... I wish they were grammatically correct.

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